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Take care of your saw, so your saw can take care of you. Introducing SawHaul, the Universal Chainsaw Carrier. SawHaul easily mounts to practically any piece of equipment. such as tractors. UTVs, and many more. SawHaul is the best way to carry your saw for quick and convenient access for multiple situations. Proudly made in the USA, using top-of-the-line materials. Installs in minutes and adds years to the life of your chainsaw. Protect Your Investment.

WHY IT WORKS The SawHaul is a Universal Chainsaw Carrier/Mount. It is compatible with all chainsaw brands. Includes all mounting hardware, and installs in minutes. The scabbard is made of proprietary UV protected 1/8" plastic, has a 1/4" protective cap with a tool holder, and a weep hole in the bottom for drainage. Designed and manufactured in the USA and made to last using durable materials that provide premium protection. The mount is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. SawHaul saves you money by preventing accidental damage to your chainsaw.
  • Protects Your Saw - SawHaul allows you to carry your saw safely and protects it from damage during transport. Plus, it frees up cargo space!
  • Easy to Install - Installs in minutes with included hardware. Grab-N-Go access to your chainsaw eliminates bungee cords and jerry rigging... and it's lockable!

COMPLETE KIT FOR TRACTORS The SawHaul Complete Kit for Tractors includes a SawHail with installation kit, Pro Grade Scabbard, and the No Drill Mounting Hardware. Scabbard Specs: Fits any standard bar up to 20". For bars over 20", ask about our extended sizes!
  • Protects - SawHaul protects your saw from damage. Complete Kit for mounting to the Lift Arm of your Front End Loader on Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors. Fits arms up to 7" wide and up to 5.5" deep. No drilling required!
  • Grab-N-Go - Grab-N-Go access to your chainsaw eliminates bungee cords and jerry rigging... and it's lockable! Easily holds your saw with a specially designed scabbard, complete with tool holder accessory!

  • UTVs Roll Over Protection Systems - Utility Vehicle and All-Terrain Vehicles are perfect for the SawHaul Complete Kit for ROPS & Manlifts. If it has a Roll Over Bar, it can hold a SawHaul.
  • MANLIFTS Round or Square Tubing - The SawHaul Complete Kit for ROPS & Manlifts can accomodate round or square tubing up to 2-3/4" wide. Just find a vertical section and mount with no drilling required!
  • EXCAVATORS Trenchers, Backhoes, Bulldozers... - If your equipment has a vertical section of round or square tubing up to 2-3/4" wide, you can mount a SawHaul! We have seen bulldozers, backhoes, and mini-excavator installations. The options are limitless!
  • ... AND MORE! Easy accomidations - Snowmobiles, ROPS on tractors, wood chippers, and headache racks on pickups. The options really are limited only by your imagination. Got a bar longer than 20"? Ask about or extended sizes! Client have a unique installation? We can help!

    • LOCK & RIDE® - Typical installations utilize the Polaris® Lock & Ride® system. Installs in minutes. Includes SawHaul Mount, Polaris® Adapter Plate, Pro Grade Scabbard, and the Installation Hardware.
    • PROTECTION - Protects your saw from damage by keeping the powerhead within the footprint of the bed of your Ranger® or General. The Pro Grade Scabbard keeps the saw chain from snagging anything.
    • BEDSPACE - Sacrifice almost zero bedspace by using SawHaul. Carry your saw with you without worry of it bouncing out of your vehicle. SawHaul saves you money by preventing damage to your saw.
Lock Down Anchors Not included. Polaris®, Lock & Ride®, and Ranger® are trademarks of Polaris® Industries Inc.

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