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Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Oil with Fuel Stabilizer
    Specialty semi-synthetic, low ash engine oil designed for the demands of modern two cycle engines found in landscaping industry. Champion Power Equipment 2-Cycle Oil provides exceptional performance in the most demanding applications. Designed specifically to protect equipment and maximize the life of engines, exhaust systems and spark plugs and to maximize uptime and productivity.

Bar & Chain Oil
    CHAMPION BAR & CHAIN LUBE is formulated as an all-season lubricant for all link chains and chain bars helping extend chain life by protecting against wear, reducing friction plus heat, resisting high operational pressure with high load-carrying capacity.

Premium SAE 30 4-Cycle Oil
    Champion 4-Cycle Lawnmower Engine Oil is formulated for use in 4-cycle lawnmower engines operating at high temperature in dirty environments.
    It contains carefully balanced additive chemistry optimized to deliver premium performance in anti-wear protection. The new technology incorporated in this latest generation lubricant enables it to exceed manufacturers’ performance requirements.
    This 30 weight mono-grade is made using highly pure water white mineral oils demonstrating very low volatility for optimum shear stability preventing engine wear, extending gear life, and maximizing engine life.

Premium 10W-40 High Mileage 4-Cycle Oil
    Champion High Mileage motor oil is formulated to protect your vehicle’s engine by boosting seal conditioners, cleaning agents and friction modifiers while resisting thermal breakdown. Working together, these elements maximize life and sustain the performance of older engines. Use Champion High Mileage motor oil to condition engine seals, prevent leaks, minimize oil consumption, provide easier cold starts and improve power output.

Full Synthetic 15W-50 Hydro-Pro Hydrostatic Drive Fluid
    Champion Full Synthetic 15W-50 Hydro-Pro Hydrostatic Drive Fluid is a professional grade fluid specifically formulated for hydrostatic commercial mowing equipment. All-weather formula with superb cold flow properties and rust/oxidation inhibitors.
  • High temp viscosity and anti-wear control
  • Enhanced drive response
  • Reduces wet brake and clutch chatter
  • Extends service life of equipment
  • Reduces wear and thermal breakdown

Premium 10W-30 Syn Clean 4-Cycle Oil
    SynClean Motor Oils are blended with a premium blend of base oils and specially selected additives to provide modern gasoline engines with superior protection against wear, sludge, varnish, deposits, and oxidation. They also protect against oil-related stochastic pre-ignition (SPI or LSPI) in turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engines (TGDI).

High Temp Grease
    CHAMPION POLY-7 ultra-heavy duty hi-temp grease is made using highly refined petroleum stocks, co-polymers and advanced lithium complex additives specially processed to provide the ultimate in lubrication. The super tough film strength of CHAMPION POLY-7 stays put under extreme shock loads and offers a very low friction coefficient.
    A special additive “A-7” gives CHAMPION POLY-7 increased lubrication and delivers excellent oxidation, adhesion, and pumpability characteristics. It resists moisture and water washout. CHAMPION POLY-7 is an all weather grease meeting the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.

EP Gun Grease
    CHAMPION MOLY E.P. GUN GREASE is a high quality lithium grease containing Gun Grease Molybdenum Disulfide. It is recommended for use in industrial, agricultural and automotive applications, as well as specialized areas.
    CHAMPION MOLY E.P. GUN GREASE contains inhibitors to prevent rust, oxidation, and corrosion. This lithium complex grease provides low friction and resistance to water washout. The molybdenum disulfide, or “moly”, is a solid lubricant that provides exceptional anti-wear and friction reduction performance even under demanding conditions. Moly is attracted to metal surfaces, leaving a protective film on components even under extreme pressure, shock loads, and during intense vibration – all common causes of bearing and bushing damage when traditional lubricants are forced out of critical contact points.

"OO" Grease
    Champion “00” EP Pour Grease is an excellent multi-purpose, lithium-based extreme pressure lubricant for applications which require NLGI #00 consistency semi-fluid grease. Provides protection against rust and corrosion, and protection from scuffing and wear in extreme pressure applications. High pumpability makes this grease excellent for industrial applications where centralized lubrication systems require semi-fluid EP grease. Excellent for applications where semi-fluid EP grease is recommended, including:
  • Rotary mower gearboxes
  • Steering gears
  • Auger gearboxes
  • Cotton and corn picker heads
  • Spindles
  • Centralized lubrication systems
  • Truck wheel hubs
  • Commercial mower gearboxes
  • Pneumatic tools

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