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Quality Parts manufactured in the USA. Built Rotary Strong. Built American Proud

Think you can't buy trimmer line, filters or blades that are made in the USA? Take a look at Rotary. Altogether, four out of every five parts we shipped last year were proudly made in the USA. When you buy Rotary parts, you're keeping jobs in America.

Rotary's manufacturing facility in Glennville, Georgia, is a leader in advanced technology, quality control and manufacturing expertise.

In the past decade, we have installed new technologies utilizing advanced equipment and the very latest quality control methods to ensure our blades have exceptional uniformity and demonstrated efficiency.

Rotary added two manufacturing facilities in 2017 with the purchase of Desert Extrusion located in Phoenix, Arizona and with the addition of the Rotary Filter Plant in Reidsville, Georgia. Desert Extrusion is a leading manufacturer of trimmer line products for outdoor power equipment. They produce a wide variety of nylon monofilament trimmer line utilizing advanced design and extrusion technology, rigid quality control and select raw materials. The Filter Plant in Reidsville produces foam and paper filters.

Whether it's blades, trimmer line or filters, Rotary quality is always evident, and 100% of our blades, trimmer line and foam filters are manufactured in the USA at our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

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The USA Way — The Rotary Way.

"At Rotary, we take exceptional pride in manufacturing high quality blades, trimmer line and foam air filters at our headquarters in Glennville, Georgia. During a day when more jobs and  more inventories are lost to overseas suppliers, we're more committed than ever to relying on the USA for quality parts that are second to none."

President, Rotary Corporation

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