Sea Foam

Sea Foam Motor Treatment (SF16)
  • Cleans fuel injectors & carburetor passageways
  • Cleans intake valves & chamber deposits
  • Lubricates upper cylinders
  • Works in crankcase oil to liquefy harmful residues & deposits
  • Stabilizes gas & diesel fuels up to 2 years
  • For any gas or diesel fuel blend
  • For all motor oils, conventional & synthetic
  • Lubricates parts for longer engine life
  • Controls moisture in fuels

Sea Foam Deep Creep (DC14)
  • Powerful penetrant & lubricant
  • Works fast to break metal surface tension
  • Frees stubborn parts from rust & corrosion
  • Use to oil bushings, chains, gears, hinges, rollers & slides
  • Use to lube & protect metal parts, guns, & tools
  • Resists evaporation & stays fluid under extreme heat/cold
  • Gentle petroleum formula, non-corrosive, V.O.C. Compliant

Sea Foam Top Engine Cleaner & Lube (SS14)
  • Clean & lubricate critical upper engine areas where fuel cleaners can't reach
  • Clean intake valves & chamber deposits
  • Apply through gas fuel-injection throttle body or carburetor throat
  • Important for modern Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines
  • Use to fog & protect intake & cylinder areas during storage

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