VP Fuels

VP Fuels (4 cycle) and (50:1 Premixed) and (40:1 Premixed)

VP Small Engine Fuel:

  • Improves equipment performance, making you more efficient.
  • Reduces downtime caused by fuel system problems.
  • Extends engine life & avoids the cost of repairs.

VP Fuels Multi-Mix (40:1 / 50:1 Premixed)

VP Multi-Mix:

  • Contains the highest quality broad spectrum sythetic lube on the market, making this the perfect blend for both 40:1 and 50:1 applications. This product replaces two skus with one, ultimately freeing up more shelf space for store owners.

VP Fix-It Fuel

VP Fix-It Fuel:

  • Pre-mixed ethanol-free gas + oil blend. Although mixed with oil at 50:1, it works in any 2 and 4 cycle small engine application. Cleans carburetors, removes water that causes corrosion, rejuvenates rubber & plastic. This is the perfect pre-treatment before using small engine fuel.

VP Promax (50:1 Premixed)

VP Promax:

  • For high rpm professional chainsaws operating in high temperatures and other extreme conditions. Its 97 octane rating provides maximum detonation protection, especially when air cooling systems are restricted by wood chips, sawdust, or sap-pitch.

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