Rotary Chain Saw Bars & Chain

Rotary Chain Saw Bars & Chain

Chain saw bars, chain & repair parts featured in 2022 Copperhead Catalog

A complete line of professional-grade Copperhead chain saw bars and chain are featured exclusively in a new catalog for servicing dealers and distributors.

The catalog is separate from Rotary's master parts catalog and includes Rotary's Copperhead bars, chains, and bar & chain combo kits. Thousands of other premium quality Copperhead chain saw items are available including plain straps and presets plus low profile, semi-chisel and skip tooth chain in cut loops or 25’ and 100’ reels.

Engineered for powerful performance, Copperhead saw bars are highlighted in the new catalog, along with chain crossover comparison charts, a measurement guide, a chain scale chart and much more.


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