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Rotary Acquires Filter Manufacturing Company

NOVEMBER 25, 2014

Rotary Corporation has announced the acquisition of Parker Filter Division Inc., a longtime manufacturer of pleated paper air filters for small engines. The family-owned business originated as a division of Tomi Industries, a New Jersey-based company that was considered one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of filters for the automotive industry. In 1993, Tony Bello relocated his company to Parker, SD, citing its “pro-business” environment. 

According to Ed Nelson, Rotary president and CEO, the acquisition was a strategic move that will keep jobs in the United States and allow Rotary to improve its overall supply chain for a variety of pleated filters for outdoor power equipment.

“We have been buying filters from Tomi/Parker Filters for more than three decades,” commented Nelson. “Over the years, Parker Filter Division has built a strong reputation for doing things the right way. It’s a family-owned business like ours. They take exceptional pride in their work and it shows in the quality craftsmanship of their filters.”

In 2013, three out of every four parts shipped by Rotary were made in the United States. Nelson said his company is pleased to do its part to support the U.S. workforce. “Our country continues to lose more and more jobs to outsourcing with overseas suppliers,” noted Nelson. “I am proud that Rotary is more committed than ever to relying on American workers to manufacture quality parts that are second to none.

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